Getting your very first bike represents a landmark for most children - a rite of passage into the world of the mobile. But what if you had an entire skate park in which to hone your skills? Now that would be something.

Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie go matching at the 2014 Baftas

But it’s exactly what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to do for their 8-year-old daughter Shiloh. The duo, apparently, hired a team of builders to construct ramps, dips and metal grinds in the backyard of their mansion. 

Jolie has previously told E! News that her lucky daughter is a keen skater.  “We did a lot of things. She's very into skating. She's a skateboarder. We did graffiti lessons and skateboarding.” Her other kids, Maddox, 13, Pax, 10, Zahara, 9, and five-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne, would be jealous although one of them will probably get a zoo next time they celebrate a birthday. 

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Pitt and Jolie, who also own mansions in Italy, New Orleans, Malibu and New York, originally purchased their 5,338-square-foot property for $1.7 million in 1994. But since then they’ve bought up the neighboring homes and turned what was already a massive, massive house into a lavish estate for their huge family.

Aside from facilitating his daughter’s love of extreme sports, Pitt has been the latest victim of Vitalii Sediuk, who showed little remorse for his prank at the premiere for Maleficent. 

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He is now serving a 17-day community service sentence for battery and unlawful activity. "I can't feel sorry for Brad Pitt," said Sediuk. "He has everything you can imagine. And I'm cleaning toilets? Sorry, but excuse me. Actually, I was going for Cate Blanchett," added. "I thought, 'OK, Cate Blanchett is a major star; she'll have the bigger dress. The police asked me, 'Did you see anything?' And I said, 'No, because the dress was many layers'."