Country star Brad Paisley can't rush a good cigar - he insists the smokes are best enjoyed during thoughtful moments.
The Celebrity singer claims it takes focus to sit and puff away on a cigar.
He tells Cigar Aficionado magazine, "When I'm smoking a cigar, I don't want to be doing anything else - I've got to sit and think. There's something that feels almost Native American about it... It's our peace pipe; we use it to sit and think about the future and what we've just done.
"It's kind of like a Zen feeling. I look at it like dessert... Cigars are an event... They're something you consciously decide to do."
And the teetotal singer, who mused about his hobby in the tune The Cigar Song, has the perfect drink to accompany a good smoke: "A chocolate milkshake with a cigar? That's just decadent. Grape juice is good, too."