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FOX All-Star Party

Brad Garrett , Isaball Quella - 2015 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour - FOX All-Star Party at SOHO HOUSE - West Hollywood, California, United States - Thursday 6th August 2015

Brad Garrett and Isaball Quella
Brad Garrett and Isaball Quella
Brad Garrett and Isaball Quella
Brad Garrett and Isaball Quella
Brad Garrett and Isaball Quella
Brad Garrett and Isaball Quella

FOX TCA Summer All-Star Party 2015

Brad Garrett - FOX TCA Summer All-Star Party 2015 at Soho House - West Hollywood, California, United States - Friday 7th August 2015

Brad Garrett
Brad Garrett

Celebrities Visit Craig's Restaurant

Brad Garrett - Celebrities visit Craig's restaurant in West Hollywood - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 6th August 2015

Brad Garrett
Brad Garrett
Brad Garrett
Brad Garrett
Brad Garrett

2015 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour - FOX All-Star Party

IsaBeall Quella , Brad Garrett - Celebrities attend 2015 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour - FOX All-Star Party at Soho House. at Soho House - Los Angeles, California, United States - Friday 7th August 2015

IsaBeall Quella and Brad Garrett
IsaBeall Quella and Brad Garrett
IsaBeall Quella and Brad Garrett

Planes: Fire & Rescue Review


Despite the fact that this too-soon spin-off feels like a mere cash-in on the Disney Cars/Planes marketing machine, this sequel is actually a lot more fun than expected. Not only is the animation witty and sometimes even exhilarating, but there are some solid messages in the story. On the other hand, there's also the continuing problem of making movies in which the central characters are inanimate objects with cute faces drawn on them. But never mind: see the movies, buy the toys, keep the kids happy!

After the globe-hopping race in 2013's Planes, the new champ Dusty (voiced by Dane Cook) sees his new celebrity career grounded when he develops a problem in his gearbox. He can still fly, but the torque required for racing stunts could do him in. So he decides to retrain as an aerial firefighter to help his local airfield maintain its certification in time for the annual Corn Festival. In training, he is mentored by veteran chopper Blade (Ed Harris), working alongside his starstruck fan Dipper (Julie Bowen), the noble Windlifter (Wes Studi), the sassy Dynamite (Regina King) and the genius mechanic Maru (Curtis Armstrong). But a raging wildfire is threatening the nearby Fusel Lodge, and the local park superintendent (John Michael Higgins) doesn't want to shut it down with so many stars as guests.

The best touch here is to make Dusty utterly full of himself, never listening to any advice before charging in unprepared for the next challenge. It's predictable and underdeveloped, but it makes this chirpy crop-duster far more interesting, and adds some unexpected diversions in a plot that otherwise heads exactly where it has to go. Meanwhile, the screenwriters pack the dialog with witty puns and some snappy verbal and visual gags that allow the actors to give their vehicles a bit of personality, even if some of this is merely ethnic stereotyping or simplistic hero/villain morality.

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66th Annual Writer's Guild Awards

Christopher Mason and Paris Barclay - 66th Annual Writer's Guild Awards Los Angeles Ceremony at JW Marriott - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 2nd February 2014

Christopher Mason and Paris Barclay
Paris Barclay

Planes Review


Disney takes over Pixar's "World of Cars" with this spin-off that no-one really asked for (Cars 2 wasn't exactly a mega-hit). Indeed, this is an essentially disposable adventure, smiley and formulaic with a few minor thrills and a gentle sense of humour. Fortunately, the animation has some charm, as well as the occasional exhilarating moment. So kids are likely to enjoy it.

The protagonist is Dusty (voiced by Cook), a cropduster in rural America who dreams of racing against world champion Ripslinger (Smith) in the Wings Around the Globe race. So he gathers forklift Dottie (Hatcher) and fuel truck Chug (Garrett) as his pit crew, and convinces war veteran Skipper (Keach) to coach him. Despite being afraid of heights, he makes it into the final against Britain's Bulldog (Cleese), Mexico's Chupacabra (Alazraqui) and French-Canadian Rochelle (Louis-Deryfus). But as the race gets underway, Ripslinger and his henchmen continually sabotage the increasingly plucky Dusty.

The plot is so simple that this feels like one of Disney's straight-to-DVD sequels, complete with the deeply bland hero and ruthlessly evil villain. Fortunately, it's livened up by snappy dialog and a cast of offbeat characters that continually add deranged touches adult viewers will enjoy (such as a German forklift in lederhosen or a group of chanting Himalayan-monk tuktuks). There's not much else the strong voice cast can do with these characters. But the animators have a lot of fun with the settings as the race zooms to Europe, India, Nepal, China and Mexico, with whizzy race action that makes the 3D worthwhile for a change.

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Planes - Sneak Peek

Dusty is a super swift cropduster whose horsepower would be a force to be reckoned with for many aircrafts were he to compete with them for speed. However, there's just one problem; Dusty is terrified of heights. Cropdusting allows him to skim the ground as he flies so he never has to face to fears. But his dreams of contending at the legendary aviation races means he is desperate to reach the clouds and, with the help of his best friend Skipper - a former Navy plane - he looks set to finally conquer his anxieties. Alongside his tank truck coach Chug, he prepares for the flight of his life as he tackles the likes of the Great White North star Rochelle, the legendary Bulldog and the egotistical Ripslinger for a place among the worldwide aviation champions.

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'How To Live With Your Parents': Is It The Worst Sitcom Of The Year?

Sarah Chalke Brad Garrett Elizabeth Perkins

ABC's new sitcom How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life) airs tonight (April 3, 2013) on the back of fairy average reviews that beg the question: where are all the decent sitcom writers nowadays? The show stars Sarah Chalke, Brad Garrett and Elizabeth Perkins as a dysfunctional family who are thrown together amidst the economic downturn.

Chalke plays an uptight divorced mother who moves back in with her parents (Perkins and Garrett) though soon finds herself faced with her mother's vulgarities and her father's extreme laid back attitude. Her return is not as smooth as she thinks and Chalke's character is also faced with a best friend whom she almost dated and an ex-husband who wants her back as she prepares to restart her life. There's no denying there's some quality talent on offer here, though most critics were of the opinion that Chalke, Garrett and Perkins were wasted on such a lazy script. "Chalke and company are all expert comic actors, but the pilot is leapingly frantic, a puppy wanting love," said People.

Brian Lowry of Variety said, "Goofy, moderately sweet and too rarely funny, it's a natural thematic companion to "Modern Family," if not an especially strong one." TV critic David Hinckley of the New York Daily News couldn't find anything good in ABC's latest offering, "The outrageousness becomes cartoonish and the conciliatory moments so forced and predictable they lose their healing power. That's what happens with How to Live." The San Francisco Chronicle were even more damning, saying, "A dreadful new sitcom."

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Lightning McQueen's Aeroplane Incarnation Dusty Crophopper To Hit Theatres In 'Planes' (Pictures And Trailer)

Dane Cook Stacy Keach Brad Garrett Cedric The Entertainer John Cleese Roger Craig Smith John Lasseter White Zombie Disney

Disney's Planes poster

Here is your first taster of the upcoming 'Cars' spin-off 'Planes'; an equally endearing animated movie about determination and achieving your dreams set to hit screens on August 16th 2013.

DisneyToon Studios brings us this fantastic new interpretation of the Pixar animated 2006 'Cars' movie and it's 2011 sequel 'Cars 2'. The teaser trailer gives away little about the plot, but introduces our soon-to-be favourite animated character of the year with the pounding drums of 'More Human Than Human' by heavy metal band White Zombie. 'Planes' has been directed by Klay Hall of 'King of the Hill', who is a huge aviation enthusiast - and with that you can guarantee not only rib-cracking humour, but remarkable accuracy. We see Dusty, a nervous cropdusting aircraft with a phobia of heights and the voice of Dane Cook, take on some of the biggest plane racing champions in the world as he vows to conquer his fears and fulfil his dream as a successful air racer despite formidable competition. Beside him are his friends Skipper, an old Navy Corsair voiced by Stacy Keach, and Chug, a fuel tanker who doesn't for a second doubt Dusty's capabilities and is played by Brad Garrett

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Planes - Teaser Trailer

Dusty may be a super speedy cropdusting aircraft but there's a reason why he spends his days skimming fields; he is terrified of flying. Nonetheless he is determined to conquer his phobia of heights and fulfil his dream of competing in the famous aviation races and with the help of his devoted friend Skipper, an introverted former Navy warplane, and a variety of supporters including his coach, tank truck Chug, he has all he needs to become a formidable racer like the Great White North star Rochelle, the legendary Bulldog and the highly arrogant but nevertheless impressive Ripslinger. Dusty knows that he must outstrip the cheating Ripslinger if he has any chance of becoming a worldwide champion, but with his sabotaging cohorts at his side, the challenge seems impossible.

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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Review


While not the laugh riot it could have been, this comedy consistently amuses us with its pastiche characters and silly gags. It threatens to get bogged down in sentiment at a few points along the way, but manages to veer back into something witty just in time. And while none of the characters are quite as classic as Anchorman's Ron Burgundy, it's an entertaining addition to the affectionate-spoof genre, which includes Blades of Glory and Talladega Nights.

The events take place in the sequin-filled world of Las Vegas magicians, where childhood pals Burt and Anton (Carell and Buscemi) have packed out their theatre for 10 years. But their new assistant Jane (Wilde) is surprised to see that it's now performance by numbers for them, and they can barely stand the sight of each other. Meanwhile, the egomaniac Burt won't consider freshening the act even when faced with competition from attention-seeking street magician Steve (Carrey), who's stealing their audience. But the hotel owner (Gandolfini) urges them to try a big stunt themselves. Or maybe they should return to their roots with their old-school mentor Rance (Arkin).

Carell creates a remarkably believable idiot in Burt Wonderstone, an arrogant womaniser who clearly needs to be brought down a peg or two. What's impressive is how likeable he is, even opposite Buscemi's more sympathetic (but less interesting) Anton. Arkin delivers his usual dryly hilarious supporting turn, while Wilde and Gandolfini do little more than play gently with their usual images. By contrast, Carrey's performance is much more broadly comical. He's funny but far too clownish to ever be taken as a serious threat.

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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Trailer

Burt Wonderstone wanted to be a superstar magician ever since he was a young boy watching his idol Rance Holloway perform tricks on TV. Enlisting his best friend Anton Marvelton as his partner, the pair became stars beyond their wildest dreams wowing audiences in Las Vegas for the best part of 30 years. However, after a while being the biggest magic stars in America, ticket sales begin to drop and the pair find themselves drifting apart from each other. It doesn't help that a young, charismatic new street magician called Steve Gray has arrived on the scene becoming a massive hit among young magic fans. After Burt and Anton embark on a new stunt, attempting to stay suspended in a box with each other, they realise that their friendship is long forgotten and Anton moves abroad. Burt must meet with his hero Rance and reconnect with what made him love magic in the first place in order to reunite with his friend once more.

'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone' is a hilarious new comedy directed by Don Scardino ('30 Rock') and written by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein ('Horrible Bosses'), and Chad Kultgen ('Southern Discomfort', 'Waiting to Die'). It is set for release in UK cinemas from March 15th 2013.

Starring: Steve Carell, Jim Carrey, Olivia Wilde, Steve Buscemi, Alan Arkin, James Gandolfini, Gillian Jacobs, Zachary Gordon, Brad Garrett, Melissa Ordway, Jay Mohr, John Lewis, Freedom, David Copperfield, Mark Engelhardt, TJ Myers,

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Finding Nemo 3D Trailer

Marlin is a clown fish with deep anxiety issues who lives alone with his sheltered son Nemo who has just started school. His over-protectiveness coupled with peer pressure soon drives Nemo to become a little more daring, however, and he ends up being captured and taken all the way to Sydney. Determined not to lose his beloved son, Marlin sets out on a death-defying adventure with a Blue Tang fish called Dory who suffers from short term memory loss. With danger at every turn, Marlin braves the open ocean and discovers a sense of courage and self-worth he never knew he had. 

'Finding Nemo' was directed by Oscar winners Andrew Stanton ('WALL-E', 'John Carter') and Lee Unkrich ('Monsters, Inc. ', 'Toy Story 2') and written by Bob Peterson ('Up') and David Reynolds (additional writer for 'A Bug's Life'). It became both a commercial and critical success on its release through Pixar in 2003 grossing $921,743,261 worldwide and was nominated for two BAFTAs and a Golden Globe and won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. It was this major appeal that has prompted a re-release in stunning 3D almost ten years later. 'Finding Nemo 3D' will hit cinemas on March 29th 2013.

Director: Andrew Stanton

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Not Fade Away - Trailer Trailer

A group of three best friends from a New Jersey suburbia set up a rock band in 1964 after seeing The Rolling Stones perform on television and enlist one boy, played by John Magaro, as the lead vocalist. He changes his look and defies his father who is unimpressed with his son's big ambitions; especially when he expresses a desire to move away to where rock music is the main scene. When the band receive a contract to play seven nights a week for six months, things start to take a chaotic turn when he starts getting involved with a girl, fighting with his band mates and struggling to maintain a relationship with his father.

'Not Fade Away' is named after a Buddy Holly song that The Rolling Stones covered in the same year the movie is set. It is a story about living in the moment; not worrying about the future and forgetting about the past, taking every positive opportunity available. It has been written and directed by the genius behind New Jersey mob series 'The Sopranos', David Chase, in his feature film directorial debut. This emotionally charged drama flick is set for release this winter on December 21st 2012.

Starring: John Magaro, Jack Huston, Will Brill, Bella Heathcote, Brad Garrett, Christopher McDonald, James Gandolfini, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Molly Price, Julia Garner, Lisa Lampanelli, Alex Veadov & Justine Lupe.

Brad Garrett

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