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Unprepared Ice Cube Almost Lost Boyz Breakthrough Role

8th July 2011

Ice Cube almost missed out on his movie breakthrough - because his audition for Boyz N The Hood was awful.The rapper admits he felt "totally unqualified" to become a movie star and director John Singleton...

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Ice Cube Offers Fishburne His Support

16th August 2010

Rapper ICE CUBE has offered his BOYZ N THE HOOD co-star LAURENCE FISHBURNE his support as the actor deals with his daughter's sex tape scandal.The Matrix star has been left stunned by his daughter Montana's...

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Fascinating Fact 5516

25th June 2008

There was a mini-BOYZ N THE HOOD reunion onstage at the BET Awards in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (24Jun08) when the cult film's stars NIA LONG, MAURICE CHESTNUT and CUBA GOODING JR. teamed up...

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The Things They Say 6663

29th December 2007

"I'd love to play B.A. BARACUS - I'd rock the Mohawk." Rapper ICE CUBE lobbies to play MR.T's role in the upcoming A-TEAM movie, to be directed by BOYZ N THE HOOD filmmaker JOHN SINGLETON.

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Singleton To Revamp The A-team

17th December 2007

BOYZ N THE HOOD director JOHN SINGLETON is to lead THE A-TEAM onto the big screen. The TV vigilante crew will return 20 years after becoming a massive hit on the small screen in a...

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Breakfast Club Is Top High School Film

8th September 2006

Cult movie THE BREAKFAST CLUB has topped a new US poll of the 50 Best High School Movies. The 1985 JOHN HUGHES detention film, which starred MOLLY RINGWALD, EMILIO ESTEVEZ and JUDD NELSON, beat SEAN...

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Ice Cube's Hollywood Barriers

6th June 2006

Rapper ICE CUBE struggled to break into Hollywood movies because he faced disapproval over his background from every corner of the film industry. The former NWA star believes he suffered prejudice from established studios, and...

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Singleton: 'Timberlake Is Going To Be A Huge Movie Star'

13th July 2005

Movie-maker JOHN SINGLETON is looking forward to working with pop star JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE on his new movie BLACK SNAKE MOON, because he's convinced the singer is going to be one of the biggest crossover artists...

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Ice Cube Chooses Movie Roles He Feels

30th January 2004

Rapper and actor ICE CUBE defends his transformation from violent movies to family-friendly comedies, insisting he only ever commits to "good projects". The 34-year-old has recently hit the big time in the FRIDAY and...

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Gooding Jr: Will Smith Gets All The Roles

5th January 2004

OSCAR-winner CUBA GOODING JR has slammed movie bosses who refuse to give black actors the same opportunities as their white colleagues. The actor also argues that when a good African-American role comes up in...

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