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Boy Kill Boy, Promises Single Review

Boy Kill Boy
Single Review

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Boy Kill Boy: 'Swayze's Party Invite Inspired Us'

Boy Kill Boy Patrick Swayze

British rockers Boy Kill Boy are wishing Patrick Swayze a speedy recovery - after he inspired them to follow their dreams.
The Dirty Dancing star confirmed he has pancreatic cancer earlier this month (Mar08), and the Boy Kill Boy stars credit the actor with helping raise their profile in Hollywood after he invited them to an impromptu party while they were in Los Angeles.
Singer Chris Peck says, "Me and our drummer Shaz were outside a club when it closed, saying it was too early to go back to our hotel, when out of nowhere Patrick Swayze appeared and invited us to a party with him.
"He gave us a lift in his car, drove up to what is known as Inspiration Point and told us about how we should follow our dreams. Then we went to this amazing house party where we were treated like kings all night by people calling us Pat's mates. It was incredible."
Peck adds, "He gave us a boost in Hollywood, now we hope the doctors can look after him and get him back to full health."

Boy Kill Boy, No Conversation Single Review

Boy Kill Boy
No Conversation
Single Review

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'Help Find Madeleine' Benefit For Missing Girl Madeleine McCann At Play Nightclub

Boy Kill Boy Thursday 28th June 2007 'Help Find Madeleine' benefit for missing girl Madeleine McCann at Play nightclub Hollywood, California

Boy Kill Boy's Tour Bus Drama

Boy Kill Boy Pete Hammond

British rockers Boy Kill Boy had a lucky escape in Turkey last Saturday (31MAR07) when their tour bus nearly crashed after receiving a puncture.
The band were rushing to Istanbul airport after playing a concert in the Turkish capital when the accident happened.
And the SUZIE stars had another nervous moment soon afterwards when they refused entry on the plane because the gate had been closed for five minutes.
Keyboard player Pete Hammond says, "It was touch and go whether we'd be allowed on but in the end security agreed to re-open the gate."

Boy Kill Boy's Ibiza Bloodbath Hell

Boy Kill Boy

London rockers Boy Kill Boy have been involved in even more chaos in Ibiza, when, just days after the band wrecked a $1.8 million (GBP1 million) villa on the Spanish party island, they ended up in a bloody fight with a group of crazed Hell's Angels.
The group's singer CHRIS PECK had such fun partying after the Ibiza Rocks music event last Thursday (20JUL06), he returned to the Balearic island on Saturday (29JUL06) for more high jinx.
But he ended up fearing for his life when a night in an underground rock club went horribly wrong - and he has vowed never to return again.
He says, "It was going alright until a gang of Hell's Angels came in and trashed the place.
"One of the girls we were with got a glass on her head and it descended into a bloodbath.
"People were beating the s**t out of each other. It was totally surreal with THE FINAL COUNTDOWN playing in the background.
"We got out in one piece but noticed a red handprint on the door which seemed like a sign to never return."

Boy Kill Boy Destroy Million Dollar Villa

Boy Kill Boy

London rockers Boy Kill Boy are facing a huge damages bill after wrecking a $1.8 million (GBP1 million) villa on Spanish party island Ibiza.
The four-piece had been granted use of the luxury property when they played the island's Ibiza Rocks event last Thursday (20JUL06), but notched up $18,000 (GBP10,000) of damage through wild partying.
Their bash also saw a club showgirl admitted to hospital after falling on spilt alcohol.
A source tells British tabloid the Daily Star, "After 23 hours straight boozing they ended up back at their villa, which Manumission loans to acts ahead of playing (there).
"A Manumission showgirl was with them and, more than a little drunk, she didn't notice a spilt drink on the tiled floor, slipped and knocked herself out.
"The villa was in a worse state. Furniture was bashed, crockery smashed and a bathroom cabinet was hanging off the wall."
However, a club spokesman insists the SUZIE hitmakers will be welcome back at the event: "Boy Kill Boy embraced the Ibiza Rocks vibe. They did a stunning gig. We are glad they enjoyed themselves."

Boy Kill Boy

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