The Culture Club frontman admits he became quite fond of the "beautiful, gothic-looking girl" who set up home outside his London residence, but the stalker-star relationship turned frosty when she stopped talking to him.

He explains, "At first it was kinda fun, but after three years we ran out of things to say to each other... She would be there, no matter what time I got up..., or she would be there when I got home... She seemed to know when I was gonna arrive... In the end she just stopped talking to me; she just used to stare at me, and it was kind of bizarre."

And things got even weirder when her parents came to visit the 'couple'.

The Do You Really Want To Hurt Me singer adds, "She's been writing to say that she was living in my house, so we were a married couple in her parents' eyes and when they turned up to ask if they could come in and see her, I was like, 'She doesn't live here, she lives in that doorway (across the street)'."

Boy George has also received a lot of odd gifts from fans: "One sent me the contents of her life in a big box from Japan. It was just full of women's underwear and shoes and kitchen things. I gave it to Goodwill (charity), obviously, because nothing fitted me."