Boy George thinks he sounds like he has ''a peg on his nose'' on 'Karma Chameleon'.

The former Culture Club singer isn't a fan of the studio recording of his band's 1983 hit because of the way his voice sounds, and he now sings it much lower.

He said: ''That record is very happy isn't it. Now, when I perform it, it's a bit lower and more guttural, [the recording is] very polite and nasal, I sort of sound like I've got a peg on my nose. When I listen to old things I always think I sound a bit nasal.''

George - real name George O'Dowd - also told how he's a fan of finding different versions of the track online and seeing the ways people interpret his most famous song.

He added: ''We've done many different versions - heavy metal, reggae. And recently I was looking online to see if there are any different versions and there's a Pete Doherty Babyshambles version, choirs, Mexican versions, schools, a few foreign ones, a mad Japanese one.''

Despite the song being a huge hit, George maintains the words don't have any great meaning to them.

He added to Radio 2: ''It's not realty about anything in particular, it's a metaphor, karma being action. Its' kind of a metaphor of being true to yourself.''

Boy George is releasing his first new solo album in 18 years, 'This Is What I Do', on October 28.