Boy George knew he had changed his wild ways after recently splitting from a lover, because he didn't lash out in a violent rage.
The Culture Club singer is notorious for his outlandish and outspoken ways, but after celebrating three years clean of drink and drugs in early 2011, he admits he now relishes the quiet life.
And the star realised he was a much more reasonable man after a break-up from a boyfriend didn't leave him wanting to seek revenge.
He tells Britain's Daily Mail, "I cherish the moderate life now: I don't want drama or complication. I split up with someone recently. It hadn't been a serious or passionate relationship, but it was providing everything I needed, and when that person went out of my life, I didn't fall apart.
"I sent him a few texts, but I didn't go to where he lived or find out who his girlfriend was. In the past, I absolutely would have done and wanted to smash his windows. But I thought: 'All right, he doesn't want to see me. Well, that's his loss.'
"I'm now single and I'm happy about it. If someone comes along, perfect. But whoever dates me has got to be pretty spectacular and grounded because I come with a lot of baggage - though a lot of it's imagined. But I love my own company, too."