Rapper Bow Wow has made amends with his producer pal Jermaine Dupri and is desperate to feature the hip-hop mogul on his upcoming LP - in one form or another.
The 21-year-old MC is currently in the midst of recording his new album Pedigree, and Bow Wow - real name Shad Moss - is confident mentor Dupri will be making a guest appearance on the project after the pair settled a previous dispute over creative control.
And Bow Wow admits they are now closer than ever.
He tells MTV.com, "He's my father. He's the dude when you in the crib and have your arguments, you move out the crib. ...But me and Jermaine Dupri are back tight again. We hanging out every day.
"I'm putting him on this song Swizz Beatz did for me called Big Bank Take Little Bank. I'm trying to throw him on there right now. Y'all gonna see JD on the album even if he just gets on there and says, 'Y'all know what this is!' He's gonna be a part of it even if I have to drag him."