Rapper Bow Wow regrets his brief war of words with chart rival Soulja Boy - because the pair's behaviour was so "out of character".
The Like You hitmaker, real name Shad Moss, and rap newcomer Soulja Boy posted a number of video posts on YouTube.com earlier this year (09), in which they took shots at one another's lyrical and street credibility.
But the pair decided to squash the argument and put an end to the insults after coming to their senses and realising how meaningless their fall out was.
And Bow Wow, 21, wishes they had never stooped that low because he feels he betrayed their young fans.
He tells BET's 106 & Park, "Me and Soulja's situation that we had. There's no situation. It's just a friendly challenge that hit a u-turn and went down this street that it shouldn't have went (sic) down.
"For us to even do that for the kids and for the people that look up to us, it was just really out of my character and out of his character for us to just display that ignorance like that. I've been put on this earth to entertain my people; to make them scream and holler and not display BS (bulls**t). That's my homie. He's getting money with me, so for that I can't knock him."