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Julie Bowen Says Jennifer Aniston Is ''Incredibly Beautiful''

Julie Bowen Boston Legal Donald Sutherland Jamie Foxx Jason Bateman Jennifer Aniston Kevin Spacey

Julie Bowen thinks Jennifer Aniston is "incredibly beautiful".

The 'Modern Family' actress - who stars with Jennifer in new movie 'Horrible Bosses', which also features Jason Bateman and Jamie Foxx - said she could tell how attractive the 'Friends' actress was just from being in the make-up trailer with her, before the pair even shot a scene together.

Julie told People magazine: "She's incredibly beautiful in the way that you think you could be if you got drunk enough and looked in the mirror just at the right angle.

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No Autopsy For Mentell

Boston Legal

Police have ruled out alcohol as a factor in the death of Boston Legal star JUSTIN MENTELL, who was involved in a fatal car accident on Monday (01Feb10).

The actor died after his Jeep swerved off a road near Madison, Wisconsin and authorities have deemed an autopsy unnecessary, because the star did not fall asleep at the wheel and was not drunk before the crash, according to his longtime friend.

Mentell's pal Sharon Yap tells cops believe Mentell missed a sharp curve in the road, causing him to crash into an embankment.

She explains, "He was on a very dark rural road and they think that he missed the curve. He went straight into the embankment. It was a rural area with no streetlights. He was driving late at night before sunrise so it was dark. A farmer found him.

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Actor Mentell Dead At 27

Boston Legal

Former Boston Legal actor JUSTIN MENTELL has died in a tragic car crash, aged 27.

Mentell was not wearing a seatbelt when his jeep swerved off a road near Madison, Wisconsin and went down an embankment, smashing into two trees on Monday morning (01Feb10).

According to, Mentell was thrown from the car and died at the scene.

The actor and aspiring musician played Boston Legal character Garrett Wells from 2005 to 2006 on the hit U.S. TV drama. He also appeared in several feature films, including last year's (09) Disney movie G-Force.

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Actor Henry Gibson Dies At Age 73

ABC Boston Legal NBC Robert Altman

Henry Gibson, best remembered for his portrayal of the meek poet on NBC's Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In in the late '60s and early '70s, died Monday in Malibu, CA at age 73. He was also a favorite of director Robert Altman and appeared in four of his films, including Nashville in 1975, for which he won a Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actor. More recently, he was a regular on ABC's Boston Legal for five years

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16th Annual Alzheimer's Benefit 'A Night At Sardi's' Held At The Beverly Hills Hotel

Boston Legal cast and Boston Legal Wednesday 5th March 2008 16th Annual Alzheimer's Benefit 'A Night At Sardi's' held at the Beverly Hills Hotel Los Angeles, California

Boston Legal Cast and Boston Legal

Alda Explains Emmy 'Tantrum'

Alan Alda William Shatner The Aviator Boston Legal The West Wing

Alan Alda has laughed off reports he was jealous when William Shatner beat him to the Best Supporting Actor In A Drama Series gong at last summer's (AUG05) Emmy Awards, insisting he was staging a "mock tantrum".
The Aviator star, 70, was seen ripping up his acceptance speech in the audience when Shatner's performance in Boston Legal triumphed over Alda's acting in The West Wing.
However, Alda - who already has five Emmys to his name - insists he isn't bothered about winning, and was happy for Shatner.
He says, "I tore up my acceptance speech on camera.... People thought I was serious.
"It was just a silly joke."

Tabloids Learned Of Shatner's Illness Within Seconds

William Shatner Boston Legal

Veteran actor William Shatner learned how quickly news spreads recently, when tabloid reporters caught wind of him falling ill before he'd even arrived at the hospital.

Last week (ends21OCT05), the Canadian actor was taken from the set of his hit TV show Boston Legal battling kidney stone pains, and he was shocked to learn how quickly the rest of the world found out about it.

He says, "I got in the ambulance and the sirens went off. The producer tells me that he saw me off, waved goodbye, went up to his office and the phone rang and it was a tabloid. Within 30 seconds of my leaving the studio (they called)!"

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Shatner's Cigar-Smoking Makes Him Sick

Star Trek Boston Legal

Former Star Trek actor WILLIAM SHATNER smokes so many cigars on the set of his acclaimed new TV show Boston Legal, they once made him ill.

The veteran actor is often seen closing an episode of the show with a cigar in his mouth, but Shatner admits it's had a very negative effect on his health.

He says, "You know what aversion therapy is? I practiced it with the cigars. In particular, one scene I thought rather than smoking a long cigar - which is what we tend to do because it keeps the smoke away from your face - that if it was a short (cigar) and pull on it, it might look more fun.

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Spader Smells Shatner In Bed Scene

James Spader Boston Legal

James Spader has developed a closer working relationship with Boston Legal co-star WILLIAM SHATNER - after sleeping with him.

The two actors have just filmed a scene, in which they sleep together, for the upcoming season of the legal drama series - and Spader reveals that he and his castmate have struck up a close friendship after the pseudo-romantic interlude.

He says, "(It's a) very graphic, explicit, loving scene. Bill and I (are) spooning, wrapped around each other in bed.

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Candice Goes Legal In New Tv Drama

Candice Bergen David E Kelley Boston Legal Murphy Brown William Shatner James Spader

Actress Candice Bergen is set to return to the small screen as a lawyer in David E Kelley's THE PRACTICE spin-off Boston Legal.

The CARNAL KNOWLEDGE star, whose stint in sitcom Murphy Brown earned her many accolades, will play a partner of a law firm on the legal-themed show, according to trade paper HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

The new legal drama currently stars William Shatner and James Spader.

01/12/2004 09:36

Pfeiffer Won't Work With Husband

Michelle Pfeiffer Ally Mcbeal Boston Legal James

Hollywood beauty Michelle Pfeiffer refuses to work with her husband after making a rule not to mix their professional and personal lives.

Television show creator DAVID E KELLEY - the mastermind behind TV hits like Ally Mcbeal and BOSTON PUBLIC - is desperate to persuade Pfeiffer to feature in his THE PRACTICE spin-off series Boston Legal, which stars James SPADER and WILLIAM SHATNER.

However, Kelley jokes this will only happen if he's fired from the project before Pfeiffer enters the show's set.

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