Born Blonde are one of those bands that just can't get enough of the 90s and hopelessly wish they were able to go back in time so they too could be a part of the iconic Britpop scene. With the overpowering boast of guitars and a strutting vocal with the precise balance of moody and confident, their debut 'What the Desert Taught You' fits in to this traditional sector. However, we're nearly in 2013 now, guys. How many more bands are going to look to this era for inspiration?

Born Blonde - What the Desert Taught You Album Review

BUT they haven't done a Brother (sorry, Viva Brother) with their debut,  hallelujah! Meaning, they didn't really have their own take on the genre and offer up anything remotely new, and that obviously did them no favours. But there's good feelings about Born Blonde because of this 'trippy' wash that descends on the 90s theme. The psychedelic crossover is highlighted in 'Radio Bliss' where a dreamy trickle combines with a pulsing bass line and acoustic strums for a Stone Roses effect. 

The London five-piece have released four singles this year, including 'Signs of Fear' and 'Solar', all of which feature on their debut. 

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