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Taylor Lautner To Play Dirk Diggler In Boogie Nights Live-read

9th October 2013

Taylor Lautner is set to step into Mark Wahlberg's shoes and take on the role of well-hung porn star Dirk Diggler in a Boogie Nights live-reading.The Twilight actor will take on the character in Jason...

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Movie Reviews Magic Mike

29th June 2012

It may seem surprising that a movie about male strippers would become one of the best-reviewed films of the year, but such is the case with Steven Soderbergh's Magic Mike , starring Channing Tatum and...

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Macy Researched Boogie Nights Role On Real Porn Set

1st October 2011

Actor William H. Macy researched his role as a porn film crew member in Boogie Nights by spending the day on an adult film set - and he was largely bored by the saucy scenes.The...

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Macy's First Meeting With Porn Star Involved A Close Shave

29th September 2011

The porn star who played actor William H. Macy's cheating wife in hit 1997 film Boogie Nights tried to shock him at their first meeting by grooming herself in front of him.The Cooler star admits...

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Heather Graham To Star In Tv Comedy

25th August 2011

Boogie Nights star Heather Graham is heading back to TV to play a California girl experiencing a culture shock in Texas.The actress will replace Paula Marshall in new comedy Little in Common, according to TV...

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Lea Michele Nervous About Lautner Meeting

5th August 2011

Lea Michele was so nervous about meeting Taylor Lautner, she was "shaking".The 'Glee' actress met the 'Twilight Saga' hunk for the first time at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's (HFPA) annual luncheon at the Beverly...

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Julianne Moore To Play Sarah Palin

9th March 2011

Julianne Moore will portray Sarah Palin in a new film. The Oscar nominated actress will portray the US Republican politician in HBO Films' 'Game Change', which follows the 2008 presidential campaign. Former Alaskan governor Sarah...

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Julianne Moore Receives Hasty Pudding Award

28th January 2011

Julianne Moore has joked she will keep drugs in her Harvard University Hasty Pudding Theatricals Woman of the Year award.The 'Kids Are All Right' actress was presented with the Hasty Pudding pot by the theatrical...

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Mark Wahlberg For Crow Remake?

20th October 2010

Mark Wahlberg has been offered the lead role in a remake of 'The Crow'. The 39-year-old actor - best known for his work on movies 'Planet of the Apes' and 'Boogie Nights' - could step...

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Graham Out Of The Hangover 2, Woods In?

16th October 2010

HEATHER GRAHAM won't be hanging with THE HANGOVER crew in the sequel to the hit comedy - movie studio bosses have confirmed the BOOGIE NIGHTS star will not be back as the hooker with a...

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Mark Wahlberg Needs Acting Approval

9th October 2010

Mark Wahlberg chooses tough guy roles to impress his friends. The 39-year-old actor - whose troubled youth included drug use, antisocial behaviour and a stint in jail as a teenager for assault -admitted he never...

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Wahlberg Kept Boogie Nights Fake Penis As A Souvenir

20th September 2010

MARK WAHLBERG stole a saucy souvenir from the set of BOOGIE NIGHTS - the 13-inch (33-centimetre) fake penis he flashed in the 1997 movie.Wahlberg revealed the prosthetic appendage in the famous final scene from Paul...

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Mark Wahlberg Keeps Penis Safe

17th September 2010

Mark Wahlberg keeps a fake penis in his safe.The 'Other Guys' actor kept the 13in latex appendage he used when he played porn star Dirk Diggler in 'Boogie Nights' and has only just decided to...

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Wahlberg Eyes Another Porn Movie

19th August 2010

MARK WAHLBERG is revisiting his BOOGIE NIGHTS years - he is planning to shoot another movie about the porn industry.The actor played a male prostitute in the 1997 film about the "golden era" of adult...

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Mark Wahlberg Gets Star Treatment

30th July 2010

Mark Wahlberg has been honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.The 'Boogie Nights' actor - whose wife Rhea Durham and children Ella, seven, Michael, four, 20-month-old Brendan and six-month-old Grace were at...

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Mark Wahlberg's Baby Movie

20th July 2010

Mark Wahlberg thinks of his new film 'The Fighter' as his "baby". The 39-year-old hunk - who has appeared in a number of big movies including 'Boogie Nights' and 'The Departed' throughout his career -...

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Julianne Moore Shocked By Screen Sex

8th July 2010

Julianne Moore was shocked by how graphic her sex scenes were in her new movie 'The Kids Are Alright'.The 49-year-old actress plays a lesbian in the comedy and is involved in several erotic sequences with...

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Julianne Moore Has No Nude Intention

1st March 2010

Julianne Moore never intended to take on so many nude roles. The actress - whose character in the new erotic thriller 'Chloe' falls in love with the prostitute she commissions to spy on her husband...

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No Nude Worries For Julianne Moore

27th February 2010

Julianne Moore isn't worried about her kids seeing her nude in films.The 'Single Man' actress - who has children Caleb, 12, and seven-year-old Liv with husband Bart Freundlich - thinks they might be embarrassed by...

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Mark Wahlberg Plans More Kids

19th January 2010

Mark Wahlberg's wife wants another baby.The actor's spouse Rhea Durham says her fourth child, daughter Grace Margaret, who was born last week, will be their last but the 'Boogie Nights' star doesn't believe she means...

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Mark Wahlberg's Family Marriage

9th December 2009

Mark Wahlberg's son wants to marry his mother.The 'Boogie Nights' star's family were delighted when he and long-term partner Rhea Durham finally married this August but admits his son Michael, three, is struggling to understand.Mark...

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The Things They Say 13856

24th October 2009

"Halloween, for me, is a little bit like New Year's Eve for a drunk - I dress up in costumes all year long." BOOGIE NIGHTS star JOHN C. REILLY can't get spooked for Halloween.

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Burt Reynolds' Rehab Shock

17th September 2009

Burt Reynolds has been treated for painkiller addiction.The 73-year-old actor sought help from rehabilitation clinic Florida's Hanley Center in West Palm Beach after realising he had become dependant on prescription medication, but has now left...

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Chace Crawford's Paste Face

10th August 2009

Chace Crawford's face was left covered in glue after a Halloween costume mishap.The 'Gossip Girl' actor decided to dress as Dirk Diggler from 1997 movie 'Boogie Nights' for a party, and asked the make-up artist...

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Dizzee Rascal's Sex Holiday

24th July 2009

Dizzee Rascal's latest video almost turned into a sex party after a busload of swingers crashed the set.The British rapper was filming a raunchy promo with 20 female extras on the party island of Ibiza...

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Graham's Parents Still Upset About Boogie Nights Bare-all

4th June 2009

HEATHER GRAHAM's parent's still haven't forgiven her for baring all as RollerGirl in BOOGIE NIGHTS.The actress admits her folks were "horrified" by the sight of their daughter completely naked in the 1997 movie - and...

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Graham Hits The Poker Tables

25th May 2009

BOOGIE NIGHTS star HEATHER GRAHAM has become the latest celebrity to fall for the poker bug after hitting the tables in Las Vegas while making her new movie THE HANGOVER. The actress never had any interest...

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Graham Upset About Film Takeover

21st May 2009

BOOGIE NIGHTS star HEATHER GRAHAM fears an over-zealous producer will ruin the movie experience which led to her finding romance - by taking over the project. The actress met boyfriend Yaniv Raz on the set of...

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Wahlberg's Boogie Nights Ban

21st October 2008

Actor MARK WAHLBERG has banned his kids from watching his films - insisting he particularly doesn't want them to see BOOGIE NIGHTS. The former rapper plays a porn star in the 1997 movie and he...

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Graham Splits From Club Boss

5th August 2008

BOOGIE NIGHTS star HEATHER GRAHAM is single again after splitting from boyfriend CHARLES FERRI. The actress, 38, and the club boss had been dating for two years. A source tells America's People magazine the relationship...

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