Today is the day that Facebook will get floated on the stock exchange. Today is also the day that Bono looks set to become the world's richest musician, as result of this historic business move (May 18, 2012). NME reports that the lead singer of U2, adored and reviled in equal amounts across the globe, owns a 2.3 per cent share of Facebook, through the private equity firm Elevation Partners.
They bought the shares for $90 million back in 2009 and are looking set to make a tidy return on that investment, with Facebook now being worth an estimated sum of somewhere over $100 billion. Bono's share is worth over $1.5 billion, meaning that if all goes to plan, he will become the richest musician in the world. Richer than Sir Paul McCartney who is, himself, an incredibly rich man.
Meanwhile, U2 are said to be working with the boy band One Direction. Or rather, they are said to be working with the band's songwriters. Bono, The Edge and the rest of the band are thought to be collaborating with Carl Falk, the Swedish pop wizard who penned their track 'What Makes You Beautiful.' One Direction have done well so far when it comes to securing high profile guests on their tracks, A source close to the band has said "The band are back in the studio getting a feel for new material after the last album 'No Line On The Horizon'.They have been working with Danger Mouse and RedOne. They are excited about getting to work with Carl Falk."