Bono won't be able to move for a ''couple of months'' following his bicycle accident.

The U2 frontman was left with a fractured face, shoulder blade and broken elbow after the incident, which occurred in New York's Central Park in November.

His bandmate The Edge has since insisted that the star is ''doing OK'' but confirmed his friend will be out of action for some time.

He said: ''He managed to come out of it with what you could only describe as injuries from a car crash, literally, multiple fractures of bones in his elbow and in his back But he's doing OK.

''We're kind of lucky he was wearing a helmet so he didn't actually break Central Park. But he's made of of tough stuff and he's bouncing back.

''He's been told by his doctors that he's got to stay put. He's back in Dublin right now and basically he can't move for the next couple of months.''

The 54-year-old has been told to remain in bed to prevent futher damage to his back and avoid the need for surgery.

He has already endured a five-hour operation on his elbow, which required three metal plates and 18 screw inserts.

Speaking to KROQ's 'Kevin & Bean Show', The Edge, 53, said: ''The poor guy. Basically his left elbow was shattered so a lot of the work was reconstructing the joints and putting in wires and plates.

''And the most vulnerable was actually his upper back, the scapula because they couldn't put any plates in there or they decided not to do surgery. So he has got to be very still and not move around 'til that's really healed.

''He's doing physio to keep the joints active twice a day.''