U2 star Bono has written a new essay about his father to help raise funds for the hospice where the rocker's dad spent the last weeks of his life in 2001.

The rocker's piece will be part of a book that will benefit the Irish Hospice Foundation charity, where Brendan Robert Hewson battled cancer.

The tome will feature a series of essays about father-and-son relationships, penned by high-profile figures from the world of music, literature and film.

Bono had a close connection to his dad and penned the U2 song Kite in his memory.

He was with his father when he died, recalling, "Actually, his last words were an expletive. I was sleeping on a little mattress right beside him in the hospital. I woke up, and he made this big sound, this kind of roar, it woke me up.

"The nurse comes in and says, 'You Ok, Bob?' He kind of looks at her and whispers, 'Would you f**k off and get me out of here? This place is like a prison. I want to go home'."