Bono gave Nile Rodgers a crate of alcohol to welcome him to Dublin.

'Good Times' hitmaker Nile was in the U2 singer's home city to perform with his legendary funk group Chic, and was surprised to find the crate of champagne and Guinness - the stout beer the Irish city is most famous for - awaiting him.

Alongside a picture posted on Twitter, Nile wrote: ''I came to sound check in #Dublin & there was a gift from #Bono @U2_Official. (sic)''

The gift was accompanied by a recipe for 'Black Velvet', a special cocktail devised by the band.

It says on a card: ''U2 Black Velvet, one part champagne, five parts Guinness. In a well chilled larger glass, pour simultaneously the Champagne and Guinness. The ingredients should also be chilled. With love from the U2'ers.''

However, the gift is not the most appropriate for the guitarist, as he has hasn't touched either alcohol or drugs for almost 20 years, after realising he was abusing his body when he went on a huge bender at Madonna's house at her birthday party in the mid-90s.

Describing the incident, Nile has previously said: ''My behaviour, which I don't remember at all, was not so cool. I am almost positive that I was the last person to leave. And I was carried home and it was really ugly.

''I was so embarrassed I didn't even talk to Madonna for a long time ... it was completely embarrassing, way out of character for me and it was a resetting of my artistic and moral compass. Honestly, I haven't touched drink or drug again.''