Irish rocker Bono has expressed his relief following his mid-air jet drama on Wednesday (12Nov14), confessing it was "a bit scary" when the rear door on his private plane fell off en route to Germany.

The U2 star was travelling with friends from Dublin to Berlin to attend the Bambi Awards when the Learjet's tailgate became detached.

The jet's pilot was able to land the aircraft safely and although no one was hurt, the singer did lose two pieces of luggage.

He has now opened up about the nightmare plane ride, admitting he is thankful to have been flying in a top-of-the-range jet as its advanced design essentially saved their lives.

He says, "We thought we'd hit turbulence - maybe the wheel landing gear was coming down or something - but it was 25 minutes. The real relief was that the particular (jet) design meant that the plane did not decompress."

Bono has since managed to see the funny side of the incident, joking about his missing suitcases, saying, "The worry is where is the door, where are those bags?

"You know there may be a few cows or sheep in the German countryside with a very sore head.

"We trust that nobody was hurt because we would have heard by now and that was actually our first concern, because we were fine."

Officials at the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation are currently investigating the cause of the incident.