Irish rocker Bono has been nominated for the 2005 NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.

The U2 frontman has been put up for the award, because of his tireless work campaigning against poverty and raising awareness of AIDS and HIV in Africa.

There are 166 nominees, but the prize is expected to go to one of the relief groups helping victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami.

The director of the NORWEGIAN NOBEL INSTITUTE, GEIR LUNDESTAD, says, "We have received 166 nominations so far, of which 29 are organisations. The geographical scope is wide."

POPE JOHN PAUL II, musician Ravi Shankar and former US Secretary of Stage COLIN POWELL have also been named among nominees, although the list will not be formally announced until October (05).

The winner will be awarded the prize on 10 December (05).

The prize was won last year by Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai.

18/02/2005 14:02