Millionaire former Bond star SIR Roger Moore has tired of fame and fortune - insisting he gets "spoilt rotten" when he tries to go about his daily life.
The veteran actor has enjoyed a stellar five-decade spanning career, which has enabled him to live in the lap of luxury.
But the star insists he wishes he could do the simple things things in life without being fussed over.
He says, "It is difficult to do some things. I remember in early Bond years thinking how nice it would be to be able to take my children to the fairground when they were little for example.
"Now it is sometimes tricky going into a big store or even through an airport but conversely I get spoilt rotten sometimes.
"I think one thing I'd love is to take my whole family for beans on toast and a milkshake, dressed in our scruffy casual clothes... and get the bus home."