Former Bond girl Honor Blackman once turned down a saucy offer from her The Avengers co-star Patrick Macnee - he invited her to watch him play tennis naked.
MACnee starred opposite Blackman in the classic 60s British TV show before she quit to take on her iconic role as Pussy Galore in 1964's Goldfinger.
He later spent time in a nudist colony, where he often played tennis matches in the buff.
But Blackman insists she wasn't tempted to take MACnee up on his offer to watch one of his games in Los Angeles.
She says, "I was in L.A. once and Patrick MACnee lives there. He said, 'Oh darling, do come. Come up early because I will be playing tennis and you can watch us... in the nude.' Can you imagine watching them with everything wiggling about! Can you imagine what it would have been like?"