Bon Jovi's nice ticket prices are a breath of fresh air for the fiscally challenged. The legendary rocker has offered fans of his the chance to see him at knock down prices, unlike some other returning rockers whom shall remain nameless. 

"Jon is very savvy," says Randy Phillips, president/CEO of AEG Live, promoter of the tour, according to USA Today. "He's using the highest 10% of the house to finance the rest of the house. It's almost similar to President Obama wanting to raise the upper tax rate. He's an artist who's fully in control of his own business and who understands the business. He told me he wanted to make sure there was something for everyone." Seemingly moved by the plight of Hurricane Sandy victims in his home state, Bon Jovi left his promotional tour in Europe and flew home to work in a soup kitchen, Phillips says. "He's been a huge lobbyist for New Jersey," Phillips says. "Because he's so socially active, he never lost touch with what his fans feel and are going through. He does not want to play in an arena full of rich people. Doing things like this is why this band still matters."

Tickets are offered at seven price levels (plus service charges): $19.50, $29.50, $49.50, $59.50, $99.50, $125 and $185, plus extravagant VIP packages bundled with such extras as meet-and-greets, parking, dinner and merchandise.