Bon Jovi are nothing, if not charitable, and the band have filled their Random Act of Kindness quota apparently, by scheduling a “free” gig in Madrid this summer, in light of the crippling economic crisis that Spain is currently going through. The quotation marks were necessary there, because the show, despite the slashed ticket prices, is decidedly not free – with tickets costing between $23 and $50 a piece. Still, that’s far less than any other show on Bon Jovi’s tour schedule. The band’s Spanish fans are clearly appreciative as well, with the AP reporting that the tickets are already sold out. So it probably wasn’t just a good deed – the halved prices turned out to be a savvy business decision as well.

The "Livin' on a Prayer" rockers told Spain's El Mundo newspaper that they hadn’t originally planned to play in Madrid, as they were worried that fans would be unable to afford tickets in light of Spain's economic crisis. But if you announce it, they will come apparently. Fans even took to Twitter to praise the band for their generosity. “Good Guy Bon Jovi, holding a free concert at Madrid due to bad economy,” said one Twitter user. Perhaps there was some confusion about the extent of the band’s generosity, but still. Nicely done. We agree - nobody should have to suffer a Bon Jovi-less existence because of their financial situation.

Jon Bon Jovi, Golden Globes
The rockers just didn't want to disappoint the fans, you know?

Bon Jovi, iHeart Radio Music Festival

Here are the guys, posing for the paps