Soul legend Bobby Womack is to hand over the profits from the single he recorded with Teena Marie weeks before she died last year (10) to the singer's daughter.
The Across 110th Street hitmaker recorded a cover of Billy Preston's duet With You I'm Born Again with Teena Marie for his long-awaited new album Living in The House of Blues - and now he's planning to give the proceeds from sales of the song to her 20-year-old daughter Alia Rose.
Womack tells WENN, "I'd just come from Europe and they told me 'Teena Marie has passed,' and I said, 'You've got to be joking me...'
"I called her daughter. She didn't know me but I knew Teena Marie, loved her to death; that was her heart. I told her, 'I cut a single with your mom... about three or four weeks ago, I'll send you the tape.'
"She called me back in tears and said, 'It's the greatest song I've heard. I've never heard my mother that way...' I told her, 'Everything that comes from this vocal goes directly to you. Get your manager to draw up the contract. I don't even want to see the money. I know it would make your mom proud that I took it to this.'"
The track will be released at the end of September (11).
Teena Marie died on 26 December (10). She was 54.
Womack's comeback album also features collaborations with Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart and rapper Snoop Dogg.