Soul legend Bobby Womack was inspired to work with Snoop Dogg on his new blues album when the rapper revealed he wanted to honour the women in his life with the help of his musical hero.
The hip-hop star initially approached Womack with a view to recording a new version of his classic A Woman's Gotta Have It, but the veteran had other ideas and invited Snoop to join him in the studio for new track Addiction, which appears on his upcoming album Living in the House of Blues.
Womack tells WENN he was initially reluctant to work with Snoop because he's not a big fan of the negativity in rap lyrics.
He explains, "Most of the rappers talk about how they used to sell drugs or pimp women. I said, 'What do you think it is like for a little girl to hear that?'
"I think God put you here to lift people... Rap is very important but you've gotta be saying something.
"Snoop Dogg talks about life and he's grown so much. He understands. He told me one time he sat down with his daughter and he wouldn't let her hear his music because he was embarrassed about what he was saying about women. He said, 'It broke me all the way down.'
"That's when he said, 'I wanna do an album and you'll sing Woman's Gotta Have it and I'm gonna talk about if it wasn't for a woman, I wouldn't be here at all.'
"He said, 'I say things and I tell my mom, ''You know I didn't mean that and I tell my wife, 'I didn't mean that.' He said, 'I've got more positives to say about women and people,' and I said, 'If you really feel that way, we should do something together.'"