Soul legend Bobby Womack has been hailed a "miracle" by his doctors after recovering from a coma and two bouts of pneumonia following his cancer diagnosis.
The 68-year-old singer/songwriter was told he had colon cancer in March (12) when he was admitted to hospital for treatment for pneumonia.
He subsequently underwent surgery and his spokesperson revealed in May (12) that the star had received the all-clear.
The Woman's Gotta Have It hitmaker, who recently admitted he is keen to tour once he bounces back from his health battle, has now opened up about his cancer fight, admitting doctors were stunned he survived.
Womack tells the Associated Press, "Can I tell you the honest truth? I've been through a lot, more than I've ever been through in my life, in the last two months. You know, I had prostate cancer, then they got rid of that and discovered I had colon cancer.
"Then after that my lungs completely shut down and they had to put me on a machine and I was out in a coma for 10 days. Then after that I had walking pneumonia - twice. So there's only so much the body can take.
"I want to go back to work, but the doctor says, 'Man, you've got to rest 10 days and not do Nothing.' He said, 'Because we done (sic) lost you,' and he said, 'It's a miracle you're walking around.'"