Bobby Brown is furious with his sister over her comments about Pat Houston.

The 'Two Can Play That Game' hitmaker is said to be unhappy that Leolah Brown accused his former sister-in-law of pushing for his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown to be allowed to die because of the cost of her hospital care since she was placed in a medically-induced coma after being found unresponsive in her bath in January.

Sources told TMZ that Bobby insists Leolah has made up all the allegations and hasn't even been around his daughter, so would have no idea what Pat - who shares guardianship of Bobbi with her father - thinks or feels about the situation.

Instead, the 46-year-old singer thinks his sister is looking for attention.

While there is tension between the Brown and Houston families, Bobby has no wish to fuel it further and thinks Leolah has made ''false accusations that go way beyond the pale''.

In a Facebook posting earlier this week, Leolah claimed Pat advised Bobby to shut down medical assistance for Bobbi.

She wrote: ''Ms. So-called Pat Houston... had the nerve to sarcastically say to my brother Bobby, 'why don't he just pull the plug on Bobbi Kriss, because it's costing too much money to keep her alive!'

''YES, Pat Garland did have that nerve to say that to Bobbi Kristina's father Bobby.(sic)''

Explaining Bobby's response, she added: [He said] 'I don't give a dam how much money it takes to keep my daughter alive! It's not about the money! I will do what I have to to keep my daughter alive!''(sic)''

Leolah went on to claim Bobbi's late mother Whitney Houston would be furious if she knew her former sister-in-law had been named her daughter's guardian alongside the New Edition singer.

She added: ''My God! If Whitney was here! You would have been LONG GONE! Better yet, if Whitney was here, YOU WOULD NOT BE ANYWHERE NEAR HER ESTATE OR MY NIECE... Instead of trying to get control over my niece's money that her mother Whitney (who could not STAND the sight of you) left her (Bobbi Kriss), why don't you seek a profession on your own Pat? (sic)''