The New Edition star's only child with his late ex-wife Whitney Houston has been unconscious ever since a near-drowning incident at her home in January (15), and she was recently moved from a rehabilitation centre to a hospice after her legal guardians learned there was nothing more doctors could do to help the aspiring actress.

An unnamed member of the Brown family has allegedly been trying to cash in on the youngster's tragedy by taking a sneaky snap of Bobbi Kristina in a coma as she clings to life, and offering up the shot to the highest bidder - but the image has so far yet to be purchased.

Now the relative's ill-advised actions have prompted Bobbi Kristina Brown's estate bosses to banish the extended Brown family from the hospice to prevent similar incidents, according to

The ban does not affect Bobby Brown, who insists he is "just looking to get justice" and find the person responsible for secretly taking the deathbed photo.

The news of the ban emerges two days after the veteran R&B singer struggled through an Independence Day (04Jul15) gig in Atlanta, just miles away from where his daughter continues to fight for her life.