Former R&B bad boy Bobby Brown is reinventing himself as a barbecue connoisseur with the launch of his own collection of sauces, seasonings and mixes.

The New Edition star reveals cooking has always been a passion of his and he is now turning his hobby into a business.

He says, "I learned to cook a long time ago. When I was younger and on punishment, that was my punishment, where I had to stay in the kitchen with my mother and actually learn how to cook.

"This is not something that is new to me; it's been a part of my life for a long time."

The Bobby Brown Foods product line, created from the singer's personal recipes, includes flavours such as Bobby's Original BBQ Sauce, Boston Blend Seasoning and Sweet and Spice Sauce. The items will go on sale this autumn (14).

Brown isn't the only celebrity to enter the saucy industry - R&B legend Patti LaBelle owns her own Good Life range of hot sauces and relishes, while singer Kelis, who became a certified saucier in 2010, launched her Feast collection of sauces in November (13).