Bobby Brown is out – of jail, that is. And in record time, too. Of course, the record of one Miss Lindsay Lohan remains unchallenged, but Brown’s total of nine hours in the slammer will surely make at least the Top 5. After pleading no contest on a DUI and driving on a suspended license back in October 2012 (it was his second DUI in seven months), Brown was supposed to be convicted to 55 days in prison. Earlier this week, a spokesperson for the L.A. County jail said that Brown would serve no less than 9 days, TMZ reports.

Instead, he entered the L.A. County jail at 9.58AM this Wednesday and was released at 6.58PM, adding up to a total of exactly nine hours served in prison. Good on the American justice system then. Overcrowded jails were, of course, cited as a reason behind the shortened sentence. In the end, though, for whatever reason, he’s out after spending a working day behind bars.

Bobby Brown, Soul Train Awards
The rapper served a total of 9 hours in jail and will have to attend alcohol education.

That’s how it works in L.A. folks. But hey, at least he’s still got that whole probation thing going on. The probation will remain in effect for the next four years and Brown is also required to attend alcohol education classes for the next 18 months. That’s still something, right?