Bobby Brown has somehow escaped a proper prison sentence for his DUI charge. Unless you call 9 hours a proper prison sentence, that is. TMZ have called the news “a testament to how incredibly screwed up (the US) justice system is.” Brown was originally sentenced to 55 days in jail, for his third ‘Driving Under the Influence’ offence. That 55 days somehow reduced to a pretty insignificant 9 hours. Not a whole lot of time to sit back and think about what you’ve done wrong, now, is it? We’re not convinced that 9 hours in prison is going to reform a man that’s already been arrested for drunk driving twice before.

According to TMZ, Bobby Brown checked into LA County jail at 9:58 on Wednesday. He was later released at 6:58pm. A spokesperson for LA county jail had said a few days previously that Brown would likely spend 9 days in jail, but the jails are apparently “bursting at the seams,” hence the reduction in his sentence. Lucky for Brown then that he’s not considered a priority case when it comes to keeping inmates inside the prison and had his sentence dramatically squashed.

Bobby was arrested for the driving offence back in October after he was spotted driving erratically on a road in Los Angeles. It was his second arrest in 7 months on the same charge and the former husband of Whitney Houston is already on probation for 4 years and has to attend alcohol education charges. 

Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown pictured here at the Soul Train awards