R+B star Bobby Brown has been left with another career hangover after getting drunk and farting in Carnie Wilson's face on his latest reality TV show. The fallen My Prerogative singer is competing to record the best country album, alongside the likes of Wilson and rocker Dee Snider, on new show Gone Country. But he'll be keen to forget the show's latest episode, after boasting about his love for alcohol, offending Wilson and then passing out in a stupor while his castmates shovelled horse dung on Big + Rich star John Rich's ranch. Brown was so drunk he had to "sleep off" his over-indulgence while the other Gone Country stars went to watch Cowboy Troy perform. As Wilson attempted to mother Brown on the cast tour bus, the boozy singer farted in her face as she attempted to take off his Adidas trainers, according to RollingStone.com. Wilson says, "His butt was about like one and a half feet from my mouth, and it was like a snappy wet river!" Brown's wild night ended with a spot of sleepwalking back at Rich's ranch - he mistook Snider's bed for the bathroom and prepared to urinate all over the sleeping rock star, who woke up just in time and helped take his roommate to the toilet.