Bobby Brown – ex-husband to the late Whitney Houston – has been sentenced to 55 days in jail after being charged with a DUI offence, according to celebrity gossip site, TMZ.

Brown's license had been suspended as a result of his previous DUI conviction in 2012, but he was also convicted of DUI in 1996. And it was third time unlucky for BB as the court showed no sympathy. The sentence doesn’t stop there; with it, Bobby has to attend and complete an 18-month alcohol program and has been handed a four-year probation. So he better be on his best behavior! The singer pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence, and maintained his innocence even when it went to a L.A court. With the evidence quite obviously pointing towards guilt, and Bobby’s history with DUI’s, perhaps his firm stand landed him a heavier sentence. What’s worse, is that he was found driving without the dashboard breathalyser he was ordered to carry with him in his car the last time he was arrested. Need to start learning from these mistakes Bobby!

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Jailbird - Bobby Brown

Brown and Houston divorced in 2007 after 15 years. Houston would later go on to describe their marriage as stormy and revealed they regularly took drugs together. The singer and star of hit movie The Bodyguard tragically died in February last year at the age of 48.