Bobbi Kristina Brown will appear in her first televised interview since the death of her mother - Whitney Houston - with Oprah Winfrey. Tmz reports today that Bobbi Kristina has told her friends that she's not doing the interview for money. Instead, she says, she has decided to tell her story in her own words, with someone she trusts.
Bobbi Kristina has apparently told her friends that Oprah "was loyal to my mom, and never did my mother wrong, or made her look bad. She always looked out for my mom." In 2009, Oprah Winfrey conducted an interview with Whitney Houston (who passed away last month - February 2012), seven years after she had all but become a recluse after a disastrous interview in 2002 with Diane Sawyer. In her interview with Oprah, she was able to set the record straight and explain what had happened to her during the years where she was plagued by drug abuse and an ailing career and reputation.