The relationship between Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon grows stranger and stranger after a refute by the Houston clan that the 18 year-old daughter of Whitney Houston was wearing an engagement ring given to her by the man who many once considered to be her brother. The deceased singer never officially adopted the 22 year-old Gordon, but took him into her home as a youngster to protect him from a troubled upbringing and referred to him as her son, whilst Brown reportedly referred to him as her brother whilst growing up.
Things erupted recently when Gordon and Brown were caught in a clinch and kiss by Tmz, with Cissy Houston, the family's matriarch, reacting furiously and decreeing "What they're doing is incestuous" to a close friend. She feels that Gordon is taking advantage of Bobbi whilst she's vulnerable and is reportedly so set against him that she's taking steps to see that he's evicted from Whitney's home.