Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon had a ''very passionate relationship''.

The aspiring actress - who tragically passed away last week at the age of just 22 - had a good relationship with her boyfriend, according to the couple's neighbour Debbie Brooks.

She said: ''They were very lovey-dovey. I will say that they loved each other very much. They had a very passionate relationship.

''Their relationship was fast and furious. He was her life support; she was his.''

And Debbie remembers the couple being there for her when she lost her dog.

She added to PEOPLE magazine: ''They did not leave my side the whole day. I was just sobbing, and Krissi sat with me loving me, hugging me and talking about my dog.

''They stayed late into the night ... It was very special. I will always remember that day.''

Meanwhile, Nick reportedly begged Bobby Brown to attend his girlfriend's funeral via email.

It read: ''I loved Krissi with all my heart and I am destroyed that she is gone and I need to say goodbye.

''I'm begging you both to please put your differences aside and allow me this chance.

''Krissi loved me very much and she would want me there.''