From our first Saul Goodman experience, Bob Odenkirk’s character has been a vital part of Breaking Bad. Plot-wise, he develops things nicely with some of his ‘criminal lawyer’ work, but it’s the comic relief he supplies – even when things are looking dire – that really earned him his own series. Here are some of his top Breaking Bad moments.

Better call Saul

Goodman’s adverts are so delightfully kitsch, they enter a whole new panoramic of high-art. With a keen eye for his target audience, Saul knows how to become the go-to-guy when the APD land those cuffs on you. And then there's that trademark catchphrase: Better call Saul!

The first encounter – helping Badger

There’s something beautiful about this scene. While Walter and Skyler spend their days in a state of passive aggression, neither one trusting the other, Jesse’s crew are out slinging meth. Badger, though, falls for the unlikeliest cop ever. Enter Saul.


When the faeces and the mortised cooling devise been entwined, Saul Goodman knows a guy who knows a guy who can deliver the endgame. In other words, he can make you go ‘poof’. Our favourite lawyer’s contact is a worthy addition to his top 5 moments.

From the brink

Remember when Walt and Jesse wore those masks and took Saul to the edge of a cliff? It could have been so different – as the audience, we had no idea of his impact to come, but as of then, his death wouldn’t have come as a surprise. Ol’ Saul has a knack for needing to be needed at the right times.

Get out of Jail Free

Always one to put a spin on a negative situation – and Jesse’s face looking like that was certainly a negative – Saul’s glass-half-full mentality was a blessing. Here, with Hank having bloodied his knuckles on Jesse’s left eye, Goodman sees the silver lining. This scene is also responsible for the line: “There’s no honour amongst thieves, except for us of course."

Honourable mentions go to: Spitballing on how to buy the carwash, suggesting lazertag as a money laundering option, desperate bug searching when things get tense with Mr. Fring and buying Jesse more time when Mike comes knocking.

There you have Saul Goodman’s top five moments. With Breaking Bad coming to an end soon – a thunderous crescendo awaits for Walk, Hank, Jesse and Skyler – and probably little Walt Jr., too – Vince Gilligan and his AMC cronies have kindly decided to prolong the Albuquerque madness.

What do you think, will a spin off series be good? Would you have preferred to see Gus’s backstory? Mike’s road to becoming possibly the coolest man on earth? A comedy featuring Badger and Skinny P? Let us know in the comments below.

Bob OdenkirkBob Odenkirk has his own show through his work as Saul Goodman