Bob Odenkirk, the American actor who plays sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman on AMC's Breaking Bad, has teased next week's season finale of the show claiming there will be "bloody, bloody consequences."

The actor - who also already secured his own spin-off show, titled Better Call Saul! - was speaking with the Daily Telegraph when he was asked what viewers can expect from the final episode of the show.

"It's an incredible amount of blowback," he teased, "...that's a term that Saul used in an earlier episode. You've seen shows like The Sopranos that have a big ending. This show is going to have a big eight episode ending. It is a massive shattering of this character's world, of this universe created by Vince Gilligan."

Odenkirk's character has provided some light relief from the bloodshed of seasons three and four, though the actor warns that it only gets crazier in the series finale, "It is very surprising, you cannot tell where it's going and it's very satisfying and shocking," he said, "It's just amazing, a fantastic piece of writing, because Vince had an ending and this is where he wanted to go.

"No bad deed goes unpunished is their little slogan, but boy oh boy is it true. Consequences everywhere, bloody, bloody, horrible consequences. And I hope you enjoy it. Gather the family around and enjoy."

Oderkirk was already respected comedy writer and actor before being offered the part in Breaking Bad by Vince Gillian, though he admits the show has given his career a boost. "Yeah, absolutely. I'm in two movies that I'm really proud of that I think are because of Breaking Bad. One is an Alexander Payne movie called Nebraska, the other is called The Spectacular Now," he explained.

Both are buzz movies with every chance come the Globes and Oscars, though we're guessing audiences will still have the Breaking Bad finale on their minds.

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