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Fairport Convention Stars Honoured At Folk Awards

7th February 2006

Veteran singer/songwriter RICHARD THOMPSON was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in London yesterday (06FEB06). The FAIRPORT CONVENTION star was presented with his award by DIRE STRAITS...

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Dench: 'I'm No Intellectual'

3rd January 2006

Veteran British actress DAME JUDI DENCH insists she never reads plays and only agrees to act in them "because someone asked" her to. Dench claims she is no intellectual, but should start looking at...

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Giamatti: 'I Won't Win Globe'

19th December 2005

Actor PAUL GIAMATTI remains pessimistic of his chances of picking up a Golden Globe next month (16JAN05), despite his Best Supporting Actor nomination for his performance in CINDERELLA MAN. The SIDEWAYS star, 38, is...

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Hoffman + Rockwell Join Batman Baddies List

14th December 2005

Actors PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN and SAM ROCKWELL have added their names to the growing list of BATMAN baddie wannabes after reportedly expressing interest in playing THE PENGUIN and THE JOKER respectively. CAPOTE star Hoffman...

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The Things They Say 781

6th December 2005

"I spend all my day making films. Why would I like to watch them? It's like inviting a plumber to your house and saying, 'We have a special treat for you. We will show you...

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Hoskins: 'I'll Never Be A Sir'

6th December 2005

British actor BOB HOSKINS has vowed to refuse a knighthood if he is ever offered one, because he couldn't bear to be called "Sir". The MERMAIDS actor would feel a hypocrite if he accepted...

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Hoskins To Play The Penguin?

5th December 2005

British actor BOB HOSKINS is reportedly in negotiations to try on DANNY DeVITO's penguin suit to play villain OSCAR COBBLEPOT in the BATMAN BEGINS sequel. Cobblepot is the awkward loner who becomes THE PENGUIN...

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Dench's Distaste For Nudity

24th November 2005

British acting legend DAME JUDI DENCH disagrees with gratuitous nudity in movies, and calls for a return to times when taboos were respected. Her views are surprising since she stars in new movie MRS...

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Hoskins Makes Naked First

21st November 2005

Hollywood veteran BOB HOSKINS appears naked on screen for the first time in new British film MRS HENDERSON PRESENTS. The 62-year-old actor, who stars alongside DAME JUDI DENCH in the bawdy theatre story, was...

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Hoskins Had Imaginary Wife

31st October 2005

Actor BOB HOSKINS used to conjure up the image of his perfect partner, until she suddenly appeared in a pub on the day British royal PRINCE CHARLES married DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES. The charismatic...

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Hoskins: 'I Ain't No Dog'

31st October 2005

Veteran actor BOB HOSKINS has slammed actors who use their fame as an excuse to be promiscuous, likening cheating spouses to domestic dogs who "sniff round anything". The WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT star can't...

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The Libertine And Mrs Henderson Top Brit Film Nominations

26th October 2005

JOHNNY DEPP movie THE LIBERTINE and MRS HENDERSON PRESENTS have been heralded as the likely winners at this year's (05) British Independent Film Awards after landing eight nominations each. Depp, who stars as 17th...

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Hoskins' Feminine Inspiration

20th October 2005

British actor BOB HOSKINS devised his own way to study acting, by watching women. The WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT star tried his hand at method acting, but found a much simpler way to convey...

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Hoskins' Shock To Be Short

19th October 2005

British actor BOB HOSKINS was convinced he was normal height, until he starred alongside statuesque singer CHER in hit movie MERMAIDS. There was such a difference between the pair - who played lovers in...

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Hoskins Revelling In Cameo Appearances

19th October 2005

British actor BOB HOSKINS is enjoying the twilight years of his screen career, because he is paid handsomely to deliver cameo roles. The WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT star, 62, particularly enjoys delivering the small...

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Hoskins Still Bitter At Oscar Loss

29th May 2005

British star BOB HOSKINS is still bitter he didn't win the Best Actor OSCAR for MONA LISA in the 1980s. The 62-year-old actor, who has since never received an OSCAR nomination, lost out at...

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Aiello Dislikes The English Accents In Darin Film

27th March 2005

Movie star-turned-crooner DANNY AIELLO has slammed KEVIN SPACEY's biopic of his hero BOBBY DARIN - because he didn't call on enough American actors. The MOONSTRUCK star, who performs Darin classics when he sings onstage,...

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Hoskins: 'There's More To Life Than Being A Movie-star'

21st March 2005

British actor BOB HOSKINS maintains a healthy detachment from his acting career because there is much more to life than being a film star. The WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? actor prefers to let his...

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Hoskins Credits Watching Women For Acting Skill

15th February 2005

British movie star BOB HOSKINS developed his acting talents watching women, because their reactions to particular situations provide an unique insight into human expressions. The HOOK actor found the strange technique far more useful...

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Hoskins Enjoying Life As A Supporting Actor

18th January 2005

Veteran actor BOB HOSKINS prefers to act in supporting roles rather than star in movies - because he can't take the blame if the film flops. The 62-year-old Brit has recently settled into a...

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Hoskins' Toilet Test

1st December 2004

English actor BOB HOSKINS conducts a simple test to help him decide what film to star in - he brings the scripts to the bathroom. The MONA LISA star, who picked up a Lifetime...

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Hoffman And Hoskins Turn Peter Pan Villains Gay

15th November 2004

DUSTIN HOFFMAN and BOB HOSKINS played PETER PAN villains CAPTAIN HOOK and SMEE as "a couple of old queens," because they felt JM BARRIE created them gay. Hoffman admits he and his British co-star...

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Hoskins: 'I'm Happy To Be Bald'

10th November 2004

Actor BOB HOSKINS was happy when he went bald, because he has always hated hair. The portly star wears a wig for his role in new BOBBY DARIN biopic BEYOND THE SEA - but...

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Brando Tops Gangster Poll

10th October 2004

Late actor MARLON BRANDO has been voted the best movie gangster of all time, for his role in 1972 classic THE GODFATHER. In a poll for British cinema chain UCI, Brando's portrayal of DON...

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Young Stars In Naked Musical

30th July 2004

Pop hunk WILL YOUNG has landed the lead role in "sexy nude musical" MR HENDERSON PRESENTS, alongside British actors BOB HOSKINS and DAME JUDI DENCH. The EVERGREEN singer stunned Hoskins with his screen test...

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Spacey Struggles With Beyond The Sea

13th July 2004

KEVIN SPACEY struggled behind the scenes of new BOBBY DARIN biopic BEYOND THE SEA because the film was a joint venture between British, German and American producers. The OSCAR winner stars as the MACK...

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Rupert's A Queen

25th February 2004

Actor RUPERT EVERETT is poised to stun ardent British royalists with his upcoming big-screen role - he's portraying QUEEN MARY in drag. The openly gay star will play current Queen ELIZABETH II's straight-laced grandmother...

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Church Eyes Property Present

18th February 2004

Singing sensation CHARLOTTE CHURCH plans to give herself an extra-special birthday present next week (17FEB04) - a plush new house in north London's fashionable Primrose Hill district. The VOICE OF AN ANGEL singer, who...

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Hoskins Joins Mask Cast

16th January 2004

British actor BOB HOSKINS will play a Norse king in the upcoming sequel to 1994 JIM CARREY comedy THE MASK. SON OF THE MASK is set to continue to tale of the personality-altering mask....

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Emma Bunton Records Kids' Charity Album

24th November 2003

Former SPICE GIRL EMMA BUNTON and a host of stars to record an charity album to raise funds for a British youth theatre. Bunton will join singer pal GABRIELLE, veteran crooner SIR CLIFF RICHARD...

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