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Picture - Ann Fisher and Bob Fisher... San Francisco CA, Wednesday 18th September 2013

Ann Fisher and Bob Fisher - The Art of Bulgari: La Dolce Vita & Beyond, 1950-1990 - Inside - San Francisco, CA - Wednesday 18th September 2013

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We're the Millers Review


Consistently amusing but never uproariously funny, this comedy plays it relatively safely by gently subverting our expectations of Aniston and Roberts, while making rising-star Poulter the butt of most jokes. There's just enough rude humour to keep fans of adult-oriented comedies happy, even if the movie continually reveals a squidgy-soft underbelly of sentimentality. But it's fun while it lasts.

The chaos begins when happy small-time Denver pot dealer David (Sudeikis) is robbed, leaving him indebted to his supplier Brad (Helms). Then he's offered a way out: travel to Mexico and collect a "smidge" of weed to smuggle back across the border in an RV. To increase his chances of getting through without an inspection, he creates a fake family from his neighbours: desperate stripper Rose (Aniston), lonely geek Kenny (Poulter) and homeless tough-girl Casey (Roberts). And the fact that they struggle to act like a convincing family is the least of their problems as they're chased by two vicious goons (Sisley and Willig) and befriended by a too-friendly couple (Offerman and Hahn) along the road.

Yes, this is one of those road comedies in which something unexpected happens every step of the way. Sudeikis rides out the film relatively unruffled, while Aniston's big scene is a scorchingly over-the-top striptease performed to distract a drug kingpin. Roberts' only subplot is a silly liaison with a moronic skater (Young). These sequences are carefully calculated to be mildly funny but never embarrassing to the big American stars. On the other hand, acclaimed British actor Poulter (see Son of Rambow and Wild Bill) dives in to his humiliating scenarios with gusto, from an awkward romance with another girl (Quinn) to kissing practice with his "mother" and "sister" to a ghastly spider bite. In the process, he walks off with the whole film.

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Sweet Jesus! Jennifer Aniston Strips Down In 'We're The Millers' [Trailer]

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Remember when the trailer for Horrible Bosses rolled out online? Yeah, the internet buckled under the weight of users frantically searching out Jennifer Aniston in her underwear. Well, the same thing's gonna happen with the first trailer for We're The Millers - Aniston's new movie with Jason Sudeikis and Ed Helms.

Sudeikis plays David, a guy earning a living by dealing a little pot here and there. However, when his marijuana his stolen, he is left having to pay a drugs boss (played by a rather miscast Helms) by embarking on a trip to Mexico to bring his latest shipment in. A young kid tells David that he'll probably get searched at the border by travelling alone, and so he devises a plan to form a fake family and enlists a local stripper (Aniston) to play his wife. The smugglers head off to Mexico in a traditional looking camper van, meeting a sexually experimental couple in the meantime. Oh, and there's Jennifer Aniston dancing around in her underwear. Yeah, there's that.

Watch the 'We're The Millers' trailer!

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