Bob Dylan will release his 35th studio album on September 10, 2012. The album will be entitled 'Tempest' and the statement from Dylan's label Sony / Columbia suggests that the record will contain 10 original songs. Die-hard Dylan fans have already begun to speculate over the meaning of the album's title. The Tempest, after all, was Shakespeare's final play. To have released 35 studio albums in a lifetime is an immense achievement, by anybody's standards. Could this really be Dylan's final farewell?
Those die-hard fans will also be interested in the inclusion of a song called 'Roll On John.' It's currently unclear if this track is, indeed, an original track (only 10 song titles have been released for the tracklisting) or the traditional song of the same name that he performed live on US radio way back in 1962 - the same year that he released his debut album. Tempest will be produced by 'Jack Frost' - an alias for Bob Dylan himself. So far, fans have been given little information about the release, other than the titles and the release date. They will, of course, be eagerly awaiting news of an accompanying tour to promote the album.
Meanwhile, the debate is still raging over the genuine ownership of the guitar that Bob Dylan played at his legendary Newport Folk Festival gig. The Us Tv series claim that the daughter of one of Dylan's pilot's is in possession of the guitar but this claim is refuted by Dylan's management.