Bob Dylan truly is evergreen. With a new CD release just a week away, the 71 year-old veteran whose been the catalyst for so many changes in music and a man whose altered so many perceptions about what the role of an artist can be in society, was back to doing what he's most comfortable doing - standing on a stage, performing his songs.
Dylan's live reputation hasn't always been amazing in recent years, his voice is notably different to how it was back in his heyday - as you'd surely expect - and his set lists often draw the ire from crowds who merely want to see the folk legend play the hits. But, according to the Washington Post, there were no complaints of any sort last night (September 4th) as Dylan played at the re-opening of Port Chester's Capitol Theatre. The theatre itself was opened as a movie venue in 1926 before turning into a music venue in the 60s. Closing in 1976 it had been largely dormant bar a brief revival in the mid-90s. However investors moved in and refurbished the building and there is now a full schedule on sale for the rest of the year.
Those playing will have some way to go to match Dylan last night though who, ahead of the release of Tempest played a typically wild set that saw him take classics like Highway 61 Revisited and Tangled Up In Blue and twist and distort them into new and interesting ways. Just like he's always done.