Bob Dylan will be returning to the UK this autumn. The 'Like A Rolling Stone' rocker has announced nine tour dates across Britain, following his continental European tour.

This is still part of Dylan’s 'Never Ending Tour' tour, which technically began in 1988 and, as of this year, includes over 2500 tour dates. Yes, the legendary singer-songwriter has his own way of doing things, but then nobody can argue against it? His European destinations so far include Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Berlin, among others, while in the UK he has scheduled shows in Glasgow, Blackpool and finally three London dates between the 26th and 28th of November.The full tour schedule is available on Dylan’s official website.

The setlist for Dylan’s tour dates changes from night to night, but he will be performing songs off his latest album, Tempest, which was released in 2012, as well as reprising a lot of his classic hits like 'The Times They Are a’Changin’' and 'John Wesley Harding' and a wealth of other classics by the crooner.

Dylan is currently getting ready to start the American leg of his tour, which kicks off in Palm Beach, Florida, later this month. Tickets for the UK shows are on sale from this morning – June 14th, available through or various online ticket retailers. Some of the European dates, however, will not be available until June 19.

Bob Dylan, Hop Farm Music Festival
Dylan during his last UK appearance at the Hop Farm Festival in Kent.

Bob Dylan, Hop Farm Music Festival
His last UK gig was in 2012.