LATEST: Blue charmer Duncan James' dad SIMON ROSCOE has spoken about his feelings for the son he never knew existed.

Simon split from Duncan's mother FIONA when he went travelling to Hong Kong and never returned, and when Fiona called to say she was pregnant Simon pleaded with her to have an abortion. But much to the delight of future pop fans, his former love kept the baby, who grew up to be hunky Duncan.

Only after FLY BY band Blue won a BRIT award last year (02) did Fiona tell Simon who his son was.

He says, "This woman said, 'I'm Fiona, who had you child 20-odd years ago. You know the band Blue that has just won Best Pop Act at the Brits? Well, your son is Duncan.'

"I got off the phone and turned to my lady friend and a couple of the barmaids and said, 'My son - in inverted commas - is Duncan in Blue. They all screamed and went wild. They got me a picture of him and showed me who he was. It was strange, to say the least."

The father and son duo have spoken on the telephone a handful of times since, although the handsome pop star has referred to Simon as simply being "a sperm donor".

18/06/2003 17:23