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Blu Cantrell Hospitalised In California

Blu Cantrell

Singer Blu Cantrell has been hospitalised in California following a run-in with police this week (01Sep14).

The Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!) hitmaker was detained by cops in Santa Monica in the early hours of Wednesday (03Sep14) after reportedly suffering a meltdown in the street.

Neighbours called police after hearing a disturbance, and Cantrell was hospitalised for a psychological examination, according to

American Idol: Two More Faint During Group Performances

American Idol Ryan Seacrest Blu Cantrell Randy Jackson

American Idol stepped up its search for the country's next singing sensation on Wednesday (February 15, 2012), as Hollywood Week put the contestants through their paces with a group performance round. Singers were haphazardly thrown together and asked to put together a piece to perform in-front of the judges.

Host Ryan Seacrest calls the group round of American Idol, "the most infamous night in Hollywood Week", which isn't far off the mark. The remaining 185 contestants were asked to form teams of four or five and pick a song from a list of 20. They were then instructed to come up with a performance, with choreography included. As Idol's official website read, "Who will still be standing after the carnage of Hollywood Week group round?", the singing hopefuls took to the stage on Wednesday to sing for their golden ticket into the next round. Some fared better than others under the pressure, with Reed Grimm, Creighton Fraker, Aaron MACellus, Jen Hirsh and Nick Boddington - singing as 'Groove Sauce' - impressing the judges with a rendition of 'Hold On, I'm Comin'. The performance earned all five members a place in the next round. Elsewhere, 'The Betts', made up of Jennifer Malsch, Cherie Tucker, Cari Quoyeser, Gabrielle Cavassa and Brianna Bell, "attempted" to sing Blu Cantrell's 'Hit Em Up Syle' but failed completely. The entire performance was flawed from start to finish, with Randy Jackson and his fellow judges looking on in horror. The panel decided that Jennifer and Cari showed the most promise throughout the failed performance, and put them through to the next round. 'The Bettys' weren't the only band to botch their performance, with some contestants forgetting lyrics and others simply not singing in-tune.

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Leaving Apple Bar

Blu Cantrell Tuesday 23rd September 2008 leaving Apple Bar Los Angeles, California

Blu Cantrell
Blu Cantrell
Blu Cantrell
Blu Cantrell

LG Mobile Phones Presents LG's Mobile TV Party, A Salute To The Beloved TV Shows And Stars Of Yesteryear

Blu Cantrell - Blue Cantrell Tuesday 19th June 2007 LG Mobile Phones presents Lg's Mobile Tv Party, a salute to the beloved TV shows and stars of yesteryear

Blu Cantrell
Blu Cantrell
Blu Cantrell

LG Mobile Phones Presents LG's Mobile TV Party, A Salute To The Beloved TV Shows And Stars Of Yesteryear, Held At Paramount Studios

Blu Cantrell - Blu Cantrell and her band Tuesday 19th June 2007 at Lg's Mobile Tv Party Los Angeles, California

Blu Cantrell
Blu Cantrell

Cantrell's Near-Fatal Flight

Blu Cantrell

Blu Cantrell was rushed to hospital in South Africa after suffering a near-fatal collapse from deep vein thrombosis on a recent flight.

The BREATHE singer stayed under medical observation in Johannesburg for three days after falling ill at the airport - and had to cancel a planned tour.

A source says, "She is fine now but it was serious situation. It could have been fatal."

05/09/2004 10:27

Cantrell Slams Webbe's Girlfriend

Blu Cantrell Simon Webbe

Blu Cantrell has lashed out at BLUE star Simon Webbe's girlfriend for labelling her a "washed-up porn star" whose only reason for collaborating with the singer is to seduce him.

Cantrell is furious at lapdancer NATALIE DENNING's claims that a business meeting between the singers last month (MAR04) was actually a front for a romantic liaison, and strongly advises the jealous lover to gain some trust in Webbe.

And the BREATHE beauty - who is considering hiring Webbe as her manager - warns Denning she's in no position to challenge her pop star status.

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Cantrell: Porn's More Honest Than Music

Blu Cantrell

R+B diva Blu Cantrell has no regrets about her time as a pornographic model - because the sex industry is so much more honest than the music business.

The American BREATHE singer is notorious for revealing all in a magazine called BLACK TAIL when she was just 18, but has never hidden her sordid past - and even suggests her work in porn is more honourable than her musical success, because it's more up-front.

She says, "I don't think the sex business and the music business have much in common. The sex business is straight up front - it's sex, sell it.

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Tommy Lee In Bed With Blu Cantrell

Tommy Lee Blu Cantrell Motley Crue Sharon Osbourne

Tommy Lee has become such good pals with singer Blu Cantrell, he ended up in bed with her on American TV yesterday (10NOV03).

The former Motley Crue rocker was a guest co-host on Sharon Osbourne's top-rated chat show, where Cantrell performed her new track MAKE ME WANNA SCREAM.

And once her performance was over, Lee stripped down to his vest and boxer shorts to climb into bed with her and Sharon for a chat.

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Blu Slams 'Copycat' Beyonce

Blu Cantrell Beyonce Knowles Destiny's Child Baby Boy Sean Paul Jay Z

Chart-topping R+B babe Blu Cantrell has launched a blistering attack on chart rival Beyonce Knowles, claiming the Destiny's Child beauty is "ripping (her) off".

Cantrell, 28, is fuming after hearing Beyonce's new single Baby Boy, because she believes it's far too similar to her own Number One hit BREATHE. Both songs are edgy R+B tunes featuring dancehall star Sean Paul as a collaborator.

She moans, "Beyonce is talented and beautiful and I'm a fan, but she has a song out which is very similar to mine. She uses words which are in the hook of my song, and if she's that talented she shouldn't have to copy someone else.

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Cantrell: 'Porn Past Doesn't Make Me Easy'

Blu Cantrell

R+B beauty Blu Cantrell has discovered a major downside to her past as a nude model - she's constantly approached by men who assume she's easy to get into bed.

The 25-year-old BREATHE singer, who bared all in raunchy magazines before she hit musical success, wants men to know she's more ladylike than most other females - regardless of her past.

She says, "There aren't too many girls that are like me. I won't just sleep with anybody. You have to court me, you got to wine and dine me.

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Blu Cantrell Defends Nude Pic Past

Blu Cantrell Playboy

R+B singer Blu Cantrell has no shame about the explicit photos from her day as a nude model - as they "aren't porn".

The BREATHE singer has recently signed a $1 million (GBP625,000) deal to pose for Playboy, and has previously bared all in raunchy magazines when she was a struggling young singer.

But the re-emergence of these revealing shots doesn't embarrass her.

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Blu Cantrell To Appear On Playboy Cover

Blu Cantrell Playboy

R'n'B beauty Blu Cantrell is returning to her racy roots - by posing on the
August (03) cover of men's magazine Playboy.

The singer was reportedly paid close to $1 million (GBP660,000) to pose
nude for the magazine, according to website PAGE SIX.

In October of 2001, a nude photospread Cantrell did for BLACK TAIL
magazine in the mid '90s began surfacing on the internet.

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Blu Cantrell

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