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The Blood Arm - Infinite Nights Album Review

After the release of three albums, including 2006's critically lauded 'Lie Lover Lie', The Blood Arm decided a change of scene was needed and relocated from their Los Angeles base to Berlin.  Funded with the help of their fans, those local to their new home will have a chance to see the investment performed during a tour of Germany in October.

The Blood Arm - Infinite Nights Album Review

Far from an all-guns-blazing start, The Blood Arm begin the record with slow-burner 'Wrong Side Of The Law', a number that slowly builds in intriguing fashion.  Much more forceful is 'Midnight Moan', understandably selected as the lead track, which brings the sort of lo-fi blues rock that Jack White specialises in and at a quality to match.  A switch of direction brings the soft and melodic 'Oh Ali Bell!', a track that is lullaby-like in presentation but also forgettable.  This also applies to 'Happy Hour' and 'Let Me Be Your Guide', resulting in a frustrating position of beautiful music not incorporating the hooks required.  The flip-side to this coin is found in 'Bubblegum', a song that quickly moves from spoken word to infectious and quirky, doing well to narrowly avoid stepping into the bounds of annoying.  Also worth a mention is 'Sex Fiend' a frantic injection of quirky rock and roll energy in the midst of the album that stands out for genuine enjoyment and not just due to being a change of pace in proceedings.  More like this would certainly raise 'Infinite Nights' into an album that leaves a more memorable impression.

Alex Lai

Blood Arm - Midnight Moan

Having just released their fourth studio album 'Infinite Nights' through RIP Ben Lee Records, Californian four-piece have also unveiled the video to their upbeat new single 'Midnight Moan'.

The video, directed by Ivan Flugelman, begins with the band getting dressed up to go out and party, with frequent, bizarre bird's eye views from the tops of their heads. We also see a dog wearing sunglasses, some brotherly wrestling and a lot of dancing as they croon about having a good time. The song is a catchy number which is infused with a beat that will rarely fail to motivate the listener to get up and dance. It begins with an echo of Melbourne band Jet which suits them to a tee and winds up with them being just as memorable.

The Blood Arm; who are Zebastian Carlisle, Nathaniel Fregoso, Dyan Valdes and Matthew Wheeler; recently moved from LA to Berlin which will have only added to their classic yet unique sound which has caught the attention of so many critics across the web. With a show coming up on June 28th 2013 in Berlin at White Trash Fast Food, the foursome will be gearing up later in the year for a string of October live dates around Germany.

Blood Arm - She's A Guillotine

The Blood Arm's new single, 'She's A Guillotine', is taken from their third studio album, 'Turn and Face Me', which was released in the UK on July 4th, through Pau!/Snowhite Records. It follows on from their previous two albums, 'Lie Lover Lie' (2006) and their debut album, 'Bomb Romantics' (2004).

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The Blood Arm, Turn And Face Me Album Review

The last time we came across LA four piece The Blood Arm was on 2007's Suspicious Charachter, a song whose opening line was "I like all the girls, and all the girls like me" - you shudder to think of the Facebook issues. It wasn't half bad either, bothering the lower reaches of the charts and leaving the impression that the outfit were about to make us add them to the contenders roster for our new favourite band. Then, like other candidates on that list such as Head Automatica and Ghosts, it appeared that they did a runner.

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The Blood Arm, Lie Lover Lie, Album Review

The Blood Arm
Lie Lover Lie
Album Review

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