Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry is jealous of Beyonce Knowles.

The 66-year-old singer is envious of the success the 'Best Thing I Never Had' hitmaker has enjoyed and wishes she could have escaped some of the shackles of The Rock genre.

She said: "I'm very happy with ... what we've done. I always felt I was more comfortable being a cult [figure], but the temptation to be such a great entertainer and performer like Beyonce is so fantastic. I would adore doing some of that stuff. Her track record with songs is phenomenal; I wish we had as many hits. We've always walked a sort of delicate line, between pop fodder and having an underground identity. But we're definitely a rock band more than anything else."

Debbie - who along with her bandmates recently released Blondie's ninth studio album, 'Panic of Girls' - is very proud of the part she played in pioneering women in pop and rock.

The 'Heart of Glass' singer - who has been cited as an influence by many female musicians including Lady GaGa - added to Billboard: "Not so much anymore. There was a time when it was really noticeable, and all of a sudden, people sat up and said, "Oh, my God, look at all these women and girls in bands performing and making great music." There was a big revelation, a point when it became really apparent. It's sort of taken for granted nowadays."