Review of Penny Sparkle Album by Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead are purveyors of electronic, synthesiser based music. On Penny Sparkle, their new album, they show their skill for crafting dark and moody soundscapes but unfortunately the songs fail to really ignite.

Blonde Redhead Penny Sparkle Album

Penny Sparkle starts off with Here Sometimes which was recently released as a free download from the bands website. It offers up icy synths and repetitive industrial style beats coupled with almost whispered lullaby vocals. It is initially an interesting concoction but with ten songs that differ only slightly from each other, the album on the whole comes across as dull and weak.

Songs like Not Getting There and Love or Prison offer nothing new to the formula. It is like somebody forgot to tell Blonde Redhead to make something interesting; which is a shame given the obvious musicianship and skill on show here.

Track 9, Black Guitar offers a slightly more developed and interesting sound, with a quiet guitar refrain. It is however far too little too late. Penny Sparkle then would be best served as ethereal background music, it is forgettable and bland.

Ben Walton

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