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Blitzen Trapper
Wild Mountain Nation
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Blitzen Trapper Wild Mountain Nation Album

Most bands that ape the Beach Boys do the woozy harmony vocals thing - step forward Panda Bear. But the exciting Beach Boys music, the Good Vibrations/ I Get Around/ Barbara Ann songs, they took some writing. And only one band in recent years has come close to that kind of invention and joy.

Blitzen Trapper are a sextet from Portland, Oregon, and they sound like some wonderful cross between the fun Beach Boys and Sparklehorse, with some early Beck and Flaming Lips thrown in for good measure. While a lot of indie heads into more-earnest-than-thou territory, Blitzen Trapper actually sound like they're having a whole lot of fun with their talent. The songs sound unforced, although there is tremendous detail on further listening.

Wild Mountain Nation is one of the most creative discs you'll hear - one minute raucous jam, then country breakdown. This isn't the band's first album, but it is the one which could break the band into the mainstream - like Beck's Loser, it has an elemental indie rock folk vibe that is more addictive than nicotine.


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