American thirty-something singer, songwriter and producer William James McAuley III, better known by his performing alias, Bleu, has worked on many musical projects over the past decade; writing for many artists as well as his own solo material. Four, Bleu's latest solo offering is at first inconsistent, but with perseverance, well-formed and likable, fuelled by much variety.

Opening track 'Singin' In Tongues' crashes in with driving energy led by a catchy and bright electric guitar and sax hook; a rock tinted power-pop mix oozing with perky, poppy energy, an infectious 'la la la' chorus and soulful saxophone licks gesturing throughout. The same energy gushes into hometown anthem 'B.O.S.T.O.N' which is driven by pushing, pulsing drums from the off, and twinkling glockenspiel giving a bright edge to the melody. Later in the track, a similarly catchy 'ooh' refrain is contrasted by rhythmic chanting of the word 'Boston' before, towards its close, a funeral like speech brings the track to a brief pause before it crashes back into its former energetic pop glory.

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